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Our Story

A Legacy of Pool Excellence

Marklynn Pools was founded in 1956 by Oren Hazelton Stevens, grandfather of Jeff Stevens. The business was successfully owned and operated by Mark and Bruce Stevens until June of 2022. At that time, Jeff and Melissa Stevens purchased the business from Mark and Bruce to continue operating as the third generation of the family business. Oren accomplished his dream—to build an excellent pool business that would last generations.

Meet the Owners


Owner & Operator

Jeff, owner and operator of a local commercial refrigeration and HVAC company, added Marklynn Pools to his plate in 2022. Having worked for the family business as a young man, completing liner replacements and chemical sales, Jeff is enthusiastic about continuing the family brand and hopes to pass the company on to his children in the future.



Melissa, an occupational therapist and certified lymphedema therapist, will continue to practice at a local hospital while assisting Jeff with his refrigeration company. As a co-owner of Marklynn Pools, Melissa continues her role in the company behind the scenes, handling invoicing, estimation, and customer relations.